Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings  – Salvador Dali


When I was a little girl I wanted to own a riding school,  when I was about eleven, I wanted to be a police officer, when I was a teenager I wanted to be a teacher.  When I went to university, I studied to be none of the above, deciding to go into Hospitality Management.  When I became a mother all of that was swept aside, and it was all because of one sentence

“….. I was told that one of the ancestors was the Mayor of Shrewsbury!”

Family history had caught my attention before, but I was always on that distant “To Do” list, something that I would look into one day, when I had time.  But on hearing that one poignant sentence, and looking down at my first born son, aged just 3 months old, there was that sudden realisation that our family history isn’t just interesting, it’s important.

Over the years, on meeting new people, we all get asked that question, “so, where are you from?”.  And i


’m never sure what to say! “Well, I was born in Warwickshire, I lived in 3 other English counties before moving to Scotland to live on a tiny island on the west coast that no-one has heard of, and all that was before I was 11 years old……” and people switch off.  They look at me with a somewhat sympathetic expression and I seem to be adrift in my own little sea of missing identity.  It became my ambition to ensure that while I was somewhat “lost”, I would find out where my family roots were placed. And my sons would never be baffled by the same question.

And so began a journey, a quest in fact! I felt a little bit like Bilbo Baggins, at a loss as to what I could actually offer on what was no doubt a rather epic adventure. It began rather lethargically, with a bit of confusion of where to head first and a lot of “what if there are dragons!?”.

So while i’m a long way off throwing the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom, it has been a fantastic quest so far! Fourteen years down the line, my family tree is rather cumbersome, (verging on the proportions of a medium sized Ent) my knowledge of who came before me is quite extensive, and I have loved every step of the journey.

So, my childhood ambitions were quite far off the mark of what I now do for a living.  Or were they?? I’m not a police officer, but i’m a detective of a slightly different nature.  I’m not a school teacher, but I pass on my knowledge and skills to others.  I just need that stable full of horses…….!

Current ambition….. MORE RESEARCH!



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