Family history has been my passion for nearly 15 years and with passion comes a thirst for knowledge.  Through researching my own family tree, and helping others with theirs, I have established an excellent working practice in researching and documenting my findings.

As each and every family member in a tree is different, be it social class, occupation or family circumstances, the knowledge required of a family historian is both vast and constantly growing.  In just one family group within my own research I have explored the practices of a successful builder, the life led by a Gentleman Secretary to a rich German businessman, the experiences of a young man in the Royal Navy and the success of a woman riding to the top of her career in a Parisian fashion house.  Family history is NEVER dull!

Everyone’s goal in researching their past is different, and so it should be!  Whether it is based on proving a family myth, or discovering a side of the family that was never talked about, the process is the same.

What I aim to do is to provide YOU with the opportunity to achieve your goal.  Whether you would like a pedigree chart (a traditional family tree chart) to display on your wall, or to discover more about an elusive ancestor, I am here to apply my experience to the task.

Here’s how it works…

First, we get in contact for a chat, either by email (click the link at the bottom of this page) or a live conversation via my Facebook Page.

Next, you provide as much information as you can about the family member or relatives in question, the more detail I have to work with, the quicker I can progress.

Then, wait for it, I will conduct one hour of research free of charge. YES…….FREE! If by the end of that hour I feel that we haven’t got enough information to work on, or that we would need to order a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate, for instance, we would then chat about possible “next steps”.  You are under no obligation to hire me after that first hour, the work done within that period is to verify the facts you know, and to inform you of what records are available to help us progress.

I will not encourage you to hire me if I do not think I can progress with your inquiry.

After that first hour, my rates are £12 per hour, payable in advance. Payment is preferred via PayPal, but other options can be discussed. I do not stipulate that you need to pay for a minimum amount of hours.  You decide. During the process, I will email you with updates or key discoveries.

At the end of the research period paid for, you will receive an electronic report, and if applicable, an electronic family tree in PDF format.  If you would prefer a printed report and paper copy of the family tree, a small fee to cover stationery and postage would apply.

Please bear in mind that family history research is, in some cases, not as easy as they make out on TV!  Some family members can be elusive and there are many reasons why some goals take a little longer to achieve than others. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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